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14th June 2012

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"My name is Nathalie, I’m 27 and I live in Switzerland. Being a big fan of Rookie Blue, I decided to visit Toronto for a week back in early January (from the 4th to the 11th). I hoped I would be able to see some filming live somewhere in the city but I got very, very lucky and was able to meet most of the cast and visit the studios.
At that time, the episode being filmed was 3.11 and happened to be the one that Gregory Smith directed. On the first day (January 5th), in Parkdale, we could see a scene being filmed on a street just off King St W. I was with my friends Jo and Kate (which I thank very much for everything they did) and as we talked to some members of the crew, the word that I had flown all the way from Switzerland quickly spread. Thanks to a very helpful crew member, I got to meet with Missy Peregrym that day. She was very nice to take a few minutes for us between two scenes. On the next day, it was Travis Milne who came to talk to us for a little while and pose for a few pictures. The show is not filming over the weekend so we went back to Parkdale that Monday (January 9th) and were able to see a couple scenes being filmed somewhere on Queen St W. On Tuesday January 10th, the day before I had to head back to Europe, the action took place back at the studios where scenes have been filmed outside and inside of them.
Travis, who came back to talk to us for a little while between his scenes, introduced us to Enuka Okuma and Matt Gordon while the crew member did the same with Charlotte Sullivan, Peter Mooney and Lyriq Bent. Finally, we also met Eric Johnson who had just arrived shortly before we had to leave.
We are very grateful to the crew member for allowing us to meet so many cast members. We are very thankful as well for the time Travis spent with us as well as the other cast members who happily exchanged a few words and took pictures with us.
This was a great experience and I will never forget it. Having such a great cast and crew, that’s what makes Rookie Blue special.”

Thanks Nathalie for sharing your experience and photos! So cool to be there watching an episode happen!

You can follow this superfan at @PazzaNathy3 on Twitter.

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